• Do you charge for quotes? - No. We offer friendly free quotes. 
  • Can you give me a quote over the phone? - Generally not. This may be possible if you need stump grinding by emailing your photos to us.
  • Do I need to be home when you come to quote? - It's best for you to be home to make sure we have all the details about the job clear. This way we can give you the most fair and accurate price possible.
  • Do i need a permit to remove my trees? - Almost all councils will let you cut dead trees without consent. However some councils require a permit even for dead trees. This is to protect the wildlife which inhabit trees (many Australian native animals live in our trees) 

It is important to note that requirements may differ from council to council. So its especially important to know what is and is not allowed by YOUR local council. It is your responsibility to research the requirements for tree pruning and removal. The cut-first-ask-questions-later approach will never be accepted.

Click this link to see what the Sydney City Council says regarding tree removal :

  • How can I obtain a permit? - Ring your council and ask for their Tree Preservation Order, fill it in and send it back with the required fee.  This fee could range from $40 – $100. Alternatively, you can download the Tree Preservation Order from your Councils website
  • I have trees or a tree on my property or hanging from my neighbors property, what can I do about it? - We are happy to come and speak to you about making the tree safe it is deemed to be unsafe. Have a talk to your neighbour before giving us a call and see if they are willing to contribute to the cost if that is needed. Preventative pruning can be done to re-balance the tree if this is required. There is also a certain percentage rule that is the maximum that can be pruned off a tree. Contact us for more information.